Central Vacuum Extras

Store and maintain your central vacuum with this cool gear.

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Store & Maintain your Central Vacuum Tools
All our great accessories help make for a clean home. Why not have a clean closet as well! Open up your floor space by getting all your hoses, wands, and tools neatly hung on the walls! All products on this page fit 99% of the central vacuums on the market.

FreeFlow Pipe & Hose Maintenance Sheets

FreeFlow Pipe & Hose Maintenance Sheets

FreeFlow Central Vacuum Maintenance Sheets are the do-it-yourself solution for central vacuum system care.

Simply vacuum the cloths through the hose and into the main vacuum unit. These handy wipes (25 per container) are the ultimate way to reduce odors and restore your system to peak efficiency.

Central Vacuum Wall Clamp

Wand Wall Clamp

The Wand Wall Clamp is a real space saver and is super easy to use!

Get vacuum wands and nozzles up off the floor and snug to the wall. The front rubber grip tightly holds any 1 1/4" metal or plastic tube set-up in place on the wall - just push it into the rubber grip and it holds tight.

Central Vacuum Accessories Caddy

Mesh Tool Caddy

Conveniently accessible and portable, the Mesh Tool Caddy is what you need for your vacuuming accessories.

Slip if off the hose hanger and transport it to your work areas. You'll love how much it holds and how strong it is.

Zippered Hose Sock

Hose Sock Covers

The Zipper Padded Hose Sock is fully padded, washable, and easy to install, the beautiful blue or gray Zippered Hose Sock Cover fits on all central vacuum hoses. It's like a soft sleeping bag for your central vacuum hose.

Original Hose Sock

Hose Sock Covers

The Original Hose Sock permanently installs on the hose and is form fitting. It comes with an installation tube to bunch the hose sock on before pulling the hose through it to let the sock on to the hose. Compared to the Padded Zippered Hose Sock it is less smooth and unwashable but less bulky.